You can also call me Ching Midas, because anything I touch turns
to comedic gold.

Experiencing beauty is maybe one of the best things about life, and that's what photographers
capture. However, another wonderful part of life is tripping balls. That's what I aim for with my
triptography. The majority of pictures are taken using the negative color effect on my
cellphone. Some pictures use various forms of 3-D glasses to enhance the trippyness.
Follow the blue lines to the purple path of trippiness
Keep following the path
Now, go down the green staircase of fungi
Now you're at the path to tripping balls. Grab one of the balls
You grab on. The ball lights up. You feel your hands getting
numb. You look around. You're totally tripping out!!
Oh shit! Everything is too fucking trippy! You close your eyes. How
long will this last? Breath. Settle down. Close your eyes. Open...
You realize that...tripping balls is a lot of fun. You settle down, look up at the
clouds and you start feeling connected to nature...Life is good.
Nothing else matters right now. You just enjoy the moment. You've reached
trippy enlightenment.
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